The perfect pair

In the brand signature system, the Padgett-Thomas brandmark is paired with The Citadel wordmark. The signature system includes both a stacked and horizontal configuration.

Stacked Citadel signature lockup

The stacked signature lockup is the primary and preferred signature to be used to represent the college in most branding applications. It should be used whenever possible.

The horizontal signature lockup is the secondary version and should only be used when the stacked lockup is not appropriate.

Usage Guidelines


The wordmark should be spaced the width of a side tower from the brandmark as shown.

In the stacked lockup, the wordmark should be aligned center to the brandmark.

Citadel horizontal lockup usage guidelines

In the horizontal lockup, the wordmark should be aligned to the visual center of the Padgett-Thomas brandmark. The visual center, indicated below with an “x,” is different from the true center of the mark. The visual center excludes the flag and crescent moon.

Citadel horizontal lockup usage guidelines

Clear Space

No elements should be placed within a minimum of the space equal to the width of the Padgett-Thomas brandmark to any edge of the brand signature.

Citadel horizontal lockup clear space guidelines

Items and layouts carrying The Citadel identity system logo in conjunction with other logos must first be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Minimum Size

The width of the stacked brand signature should never go below 1 inch or 225 pixels at 72 ppi.

The width of the horizontal brand signature should never go below 1.5 inches or 270 pixels at 72 ppi.

Citadel horizontal lockup minimum size

In situations where multiple logos are required in print, signage, web layouts or other media, the presentation of the brand signature must be equal in size to the logos of the other organizations surrounding it.