The Citadel logo isn’t just one thing.

In fact, our logo is a system of visual elements that can be used individually or in unison to associate with The Citadel brand.

Level 1

The Padgett-Thomas Brandmark

The Padgett-Thomas Brandmark

The Padgett-Thomas brandmark is the hallmark of our visual identity—a dominant architectural characteristic of our campus and a historically recognized symbol of strength, timelessness, and passage.

The Citadel Wordmark

The Citadel wordmark is a unique typographic element used to identify The Citadel brand.

Level 2

The Citadel Brand Signature

The Citadel Brand Signature

When the Padgett-Thomas brandmark and The Citadel wordmark are used in tandem, they become our brand signature.

Level 3

Marketing Lockups

When you add a sub-brand affiliation to The Citadel brand signature, it becomes a marketing lockup.