The power of The Citadel brand relies on every marketing and communications effort across campus. It is vital that we consistently represent The Citadel—and own our visual identity. We’ve created this website because want you to confidently put The Citadel brand into action.

These guidelines ensure consistency but encourage creative flexibility. You have the freedom to create branded materials that showcase your school’s, office’s, or department’s unique personality.

The Citadel Logo

Our logo is a system of visual elements that can be used individually or in unison to associate with The Citadel brand in a way that works best for you.

The Citadel Seal

The Citadel Seal is reserved for officially sanctioned uses—which means it’s probably not the right choice for your project.


By using color wisely, you can help create a strong visual identity for The Citadel brand.


When designing materials, you have two fonts to choose from.