The Padgett-Thomas brandmark is the hallmark of our visual identity—a dominant architectural characteristic of our campus and a historically recognized symbol of strength, timelessness, and passage.

Because the Padgett-Thomas Barracks brandmark is the most recognizable element of the college, it should appear on all marketing materials.

You may not use any other graphical or typographical design to represent schools, departments, centers, offices, and other units that qualify as a sub-brand of The Citadel. All of your marketing and communications efforts must be identified with the college’s official brandmark and your accompanying marketing lockup.

The Padgett-Thomas brandmark can be used on its own or in conjunction with The Citadel wordmark by utilizing a brand signature.

Usage Guidelines

Clear Space

No elements should be placed within a minimum of the space equal to the overall width of the brandmark to any edge.

The brandmark is most effective when surrounded by an area of clear space separated from type, other logos, and/or other graphic elements.

Any products carrying the brandmark in conjunction with other logos must first be approved by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Minimum Size

The width of the brandmark should never go below 0.5 inches or 100 pixels at 72 ppi.

In situations where multiple logos are required in print, signage, web layouts or other media, the presentation of the Padgett-Thomas brandmark must be equal in size to the logos of the other organizations surrounding it.