We share one voice.

Creating uniformity in style ensures that our publications are professional looking and understandable and that college news stories are formatted according to industry standard to increase the likelihood of publication by media outlets.

The Editorial Style Guide was developed by a mix of faculty members who teach writing and college communication professionals to create consistency in communications across campus.

While the guide is not intended to be used for academic papers, students may find it to be a useful reference tool. Following the best practice employed by communications professionals representing colleges and universities and most industries, this guide is based on The Associated Press Stylebook.

Using The Citadel’s name

The name of our brand helps our audience identify what we are and how we are different from others.

Using military titles

Like the Department of Defense, The Citadel represents many military branches. And like the Department of Defense, we follow AP Style to maintain consistency and eliminate confusion.

Back to the basics

Need a little refresher on the fundamentals? We’ve got you covered.