About The Citadel brand

The Citadel’s identity is the college’s most powerful asset. By consistently applying all the elements of The Citadel brand identity across all touchpoints, we create and maintain a strong presence that reinforces who we are, how we define our personality and the value we provide to our key audiences.

These brand guidelines were created to effectively communicate our pride for The Citadel. By sharing one, unified voice, we can ensure all audiences, both on-and-off-campus, clearly understand The Citadel experience and appreciate our sense of community.

This website provides standards and guidelines for the use of The Citadel logos. It also provides information about the use of graphic elements, colors, typography, imagery, and layout. These standards are to be consistently applied to all of our branded touchpoints including advertising, print, collateral, stationary, signage and digital media.

The Citadel brand style guide is to be used as a reference for all faculty, staff, students, partners and vendors to maintain the consistency of The Citadel brand. Compliance with the brand standards ensures quality reproduction and maximum visual impact. As such, there are a few major rules to which all who use the brand must adhere. Please give these your fullest consideration.

  • External entities or third parties not directly affiliated with The Citadel requesting to use The Citadel’s trademarks and other visual brand assets must obtain permission from The Office of Communications and Marketing.
  • Logo master files and supporting artwork must be used as supplied, without alteration or manipulation. The logo in its entirety is art and must be used as provided.
  • Vendors and other third parties should only be supplied with high-resolution master electronic files, which have been supplied to you in the most common graphics formats. Always feel free to contact the Office of Communications and Marketing for additional files.
  • The logo should never be scanned and used as final artwork under any circumstances.
  • Reproduction guidelines have been determined to maintain control of the identity.