Create content that represents our brand well

When you create content, remember that you’re representing The Citadel brand. Ask yourself these questions before you post your content:

Is it accurate?

Check your post for spelling mistakes; remember, you are representing The Citadel, a respected institution of higher learning. If you make an error, correct it quickly. Make sure you have all the facts before you post. All research, data reporting, and analysis shared on social media should be verified for accuracy. Cite and link to your sources whenever possible.

Is it respectful?

Think before you post. When posting on behalf of The Citadel, keep your personal opinions private; your posts are viewed as representing the views of The Citadel. Treat those with whom you engage online with respect. Deal with problem contributors politely through direct messages, if necessary. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of the material you are posting, check with your supervisor.

Is it engaging?

Keep content conversational. Talk like you would in normal conversation — avoid contrived language. Include related graphics, when possible, to catch your audience’s attention. Keep posts brief and memorable — everyone is overwhelmed every day with information, much of which is unsolicited and not relevant. Social media is designed to be a two-way communication tool, so know your audience, and listen. Be relevant and dynamic. Try to post content that encourages comments or an action from your audience.

Is it relevant?

Social media assumes 24/7 interaction. Try to post updates regularly, or at least several times a week. Check posts on your account daily, and respond as appropriate. While regular and timely updates and discussions are key to building your community, please also keep in mind that you don’t want to overload your audience with too much information.