board of directors

Capitalize when referring to a specific board (e.g., The Citadel Foundation’s Board of Directors). Do not capitalize “board” or “director(s)” when used separately.

Several new members were appointed to the board of directors.

The board also approved two new directors to fill vacant spots.

Bond Hall

One of the first buildings constructed when the college moved from Marion Square in 1922. Bond Hall is the college’s main administrative building. It was named after Col. Oliver J. Bond (Class of 1886) who served as president from 1908 to 1931.

bulldog monument

Army Maj. Sam M. Savas, Jr., Class of 1951, conceived the idea of a brass bulldog while he was teaching military science from 1962 to 1965. After he was killed in Vietnam in October 1965, cadets donated their brass belt buckles, hat brass and breast plates to create this brass model of the college mascot. The monument also bears the name of his son, Navy Lt. Sam M. Savas III, Class of 1979, who died during a military rescue operation 20 years later.