Unit of affiliation; cadets are assigned to one of 20 companies housed in five battalions (or barracks).

  • First Battalion (Murray Barracks)
    • Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta Companies
  • Second Battalion (Padgett-Thomas Barracks)
    • Echo, F-Troop, Golf, Hotel, and Band Companies
  • Third Battalion (Law Barracks)
    • India, Kilo, Lima, and Mike Companies
  • Fourth Battalion (Watts Barracks)
    • November, Oscar, Romeo, and Tango Companies
  • Fifth Battalion (Stevens Barracks)
    • Palmetto Battery; Papa, Sierra, and Victor Companies

Capitalize only when referring to specific cadet companies:

  • Each cadet company is assigned a TAC officer.
  • The commander of Charlie Company is from Sumter, S.C.


Hat worn as part of the cadet uniform. Covers should be removed when indoors. No need to capitalize.

evening study period

Also known as ESP.

For formal publications to external audiences, excluding alumni, use “evening study period” on first reference.

Four Pillars

The Citadel education begins with Four Pillars—character, academics, military, fitness—to develop leaders who are prepared to serve in all walks of life.