College Park

A multi-purpose athletics facility that serves as the practice field for The Citadel baseball program. It is located on Rutledge Avenue at the entrance to Hampton Park.

Coward Hall

Also known as the “mess hall,” the building is named for Col. Asbury Coward, an 1854 graduate who became college superintendent in 1890. The Regimental Commanders’ Riverview Room is on the top level. (Note the apostrophe in Regimental Commanders’ Riverview Room; the room is named for all of the regimental commanders and is therefore plural possessive.)

Daniel Library

Named for brothers Charles and R. Hugh Daniel, alumni who established the Daniel International Corporation, which was at one time the third-largest construction company in the world. Built in 1960, the library features portraits and eight murals created over a 20-year period by nationally known artist David Humphreys Miller.

Deas Hall

Pronounced days.

Named for Henry A. (Happy) Deas, Jr., a 1938 graduate, the campus gymnasium includes an indoor pool, several courts and locker rooms, as well as a series of classrooms, the state-of-the-art Dr. Hank Cross Human Performance Laboratory and the Department of Health and Human Performance.

Duckett Hall

Home of the Biology Department, the building bears the name of Maj. Gen. James W. Duckett, 13th president of The Citadel and a member of the Class of 1932.