alma mater

Do not italicize in regular usage. Capitalize only when referring to a proper name.

Thank you for supporting your alma mater.

The Citadel Alma Mater (name of song).


Use the word “alum” to denote a single graduate, male or female. “Alumnus” refers to a single male graduate, “alumna,” to a single female graduate. The word “alumni” is plural and should only be used to refer to a group of male graduates or mixed group of graduates. The plural for female graduates is “alumnae.”

Long Gray Line

Note that the American English spelling of gray is used as opposed to the traditional English spelling, grey.

The Long Gray Line is the last parade of the academic year. It’s held on the Friday before graduation and it signifies the changing of the guard from the current senior class to the upcoming senior class. As the parade concludes, the outgoing senior class forms the long gray line of alumni. The term is also used to refer to Citadel alumni.