second class

The second class [noun] is the junior class. As a noun, it is two separate words. As an adjective, it is hyphenated.

The second-class [adjective] cadet was early to class.

Do not use numerals when referencing.

Seignious Hall

Pronounced sĭg-nē-əs.

The athletic complex was named for a 1942 alumnus who became president of the college—Lt. Gen. George M. Seignious II. It contains facilities for the football coaches and trainers as well as weight training rooms, lockers and showers.


Do not capitalize terms pertaining to class years unless part of a formal name.

Senior Class Carnival

Seraph monument

The Seraph monument honors the collaboration between the United States and England during World War II. The monument is the only installation on United States soil (other than the British Embassy) permitted to fly the White Ensign of the Royal Navy. The British submarine served as the USS Seraph on several missions, including a successful attempt to smuggle Gen. Mark Clark and his spy team into Algeria on a successful covert mission to win French support for the Allied invasion of North Africa.