Ravenel Bridge

The formal name is the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. Ravenel Bridge may be used on the second reference. Do not use “Cooper River Bridge.” Constructed in 2005, this bridge crosses the Cooper River and connects Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. Ravenel, a Charleston native, is a businessman and a former Congressman.


Entire Corps of Cadets, currently numbering approximately 2,350. Consists of five battalions, each of which is subdivided into companies. The regimental commander, a senior, is the top-ranking cadet in the Corps.

ring statue

The ring statue was unveiled on Oct. 14, 2011. The statue is made of bronze and weighs approximately 3,000 pounds. It was a gift to The Citadel Alumni Association from Palmetto Balfour, a national class ring manufacturer. Each Parents’ Weekend, the numbers on the crest of the ring are changed to represent the current class of seniors receiving their rings. The statue was made at the Heart Art Foundry in Bastrop, Texas.

Robert R. McCormick Beach House

Located on the Isle of Palms, the current beach house was completed in 1995, replacing an earlier building that was destroyed by Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Robert R. McCormick was an executive with the Chicago Herald Tribune newspaper, a personal friend of Gen. Charles Pelot Summerall, and a Citadel benefactor. The Robert R. McCormick Tribune Foundation provided the funds to furnish the new beach house.