Padgett-Thomas Barracks

Also known as Second Battalion, Padgett-Thomas Barracks is named for 1892 graduate Col. J.G. Padgett and 1893 graduate Col. John Pulaski Thomas, both long-time members of the Board of Visitors. With its distinctive water tower rising above the quadrangle, the original Padgett-Thomas Barracks, built in 1922, was the first building on the new Citadel campus. Padgett-Thomas is featured on the college logo and has become the architectural centerpiece of the campus. The current Padgett-Thomas Barracks was completed in 2004.

Can be referred to as “P-T Barracks” in casual reference or conversation.

pass in review

Pass in review is a type of dress parade in which the general, the commandant, the provost or a special guest inspects the cadets. Another type of parade is an awards parade.