Law Barracks

Also known as Third Battalion. Named for Evander M. Law, an 1865 graduate and Civil War general.

Lesesne Gate

Pronounced lə-sān.

The main entrance to the campus is named for Thomas Petrigru Lesesne, Class of 1901. Lesesne was instrumental in moving the campus from its original site at Marion Square. The pedestrian gates on either side are famous sword gate panels wrought around 1830 by Charleston ironmonger Christopher Werner.

LeTellier Hall

Pronounced lə-tĕll-yȗr.

Home of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, this building was named for longtime department head Col. Louis S. LeTellier.

Long Gray Line

Note that the American English spelling of gray is used as opposed to the traditional English spelling, grey.

The Long Gray Line is the last parade of the academic year. It’s held on the Friday before graduation and it signifies the changing of the guard from the current senior class to the upcoming senior class. As the parade concludes, the outgoing senior class forms the long gray line of alumni. The term is also used to refer to Citadel alumni.


The Lowcountry is a region and is one word.