Generally lower-cased, but capitalize specific Citadel classes in correspondence, recognition pieces, and other references.

The Citadel Class of 1973 presented a significant gift at Homecoming.

Each graduating Citadel class believes itself to be the last of the Old Corps.

Note: “Class” is a collective noun. Though it consists of many people, a class is singular in grammatical usage.

Despite a late start to its fundraising campaign, the Class of 1986 reached its goal.


The Citadel is a college, not a university or school. When referring to the institution as a college, the word should be lowercased. Even when referring specifically to The Citadel, do not capitalize. Treat the word “college” like any other noun that is not a proper name.

There are five schools in the college—the Tommy and Victoria Baker School of Business, the Zucker Family School of Education, the School of Engineering, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Swain Family School of Science and Mathematics.

College Park

A multi-purpose athletics facility that serves as the practice field for The Citadel baseball program. It is located on Rutledge Avenue at the entrance to Hampton Park.


Capitalize only when specifying a specific committee by name. Do not capitalize when referring to a specific body with only the word “committee.”

The Investment Committee meets two weeks prior to the full board.

The committee needs this time to prepare its investment results for presentation to the board.