academic degrees

Avoid abbreviations unless the spelled out version will be awkward on a first reference. Bachelor’s degree, a master’s, etc., are possessive and require an apostrophe. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, an associate degree, etc. are not possessive. Capitalize the formal degree name (Master of Science in Project Management); lowercase the informal name of the degree (he has a bachelor’s in biology). Certificates should also follow this rule.
Note: Only capitalize a degree if it is actually offered by The Citadel.
When abbreviations are appropriate, please use the following degree abbreviations:

  • B.A. – Bachelor of Arts
  • B.S. – Bachelor of Science
  • M.A. – Master of Arts
  • M.A.T. – Master of Arts in Teaching
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration (note: there are no periods)
  • M.Ed. – Master of Education
  • M.S. – Master of Science

academic departments

In text, only capitalize academic disciplines that are themselves proper nouns: The cadets at the event were majoring in English, psychology, criminal justice, French and political science

Capitalize departments and programs only when using their formal name. “The Citadel” is implied before each department or program name.

  • The Office of the Registrar is located in Bond Hall.
  • Megan works in the Office of Communications and Marketing.
  • The professor started teaching in the department as an adjunct in the 1970s.