Capitalize only when citing the full name of an endowed professorship.

Col. Ron Welch holds the Louis LeTellier Chair in Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Campaign for The Citadel seeks to increase the number of endowed chairs at The Citadel.


Generally lower-cased, but capitalize specific Citadel classes in correspondence, recognition pieces, and other references.

The Citadel Class of 1973 presented a significant gift at Homecoming.

Each graduating Citadel class believes itself to be the last of the Old Corps.

Note: “Class” is a collective noun. Though it consists of many people, a class is singular in grammatical usage.

Despite a late start to its fundraising campaign, the Class of 1986 reached its goal.


Capitalize only when specifying a specific committee by name. Do not capitalize when referring to a specific body with only the word “committee.”

The Investment Committee meets two weeks prior to the full board.

The committee needs this time to prepare its investment results for presentation to the board.